Thursday, 26 April 2012

Honey & sugar scrub to renovate your skin for summer.

The summer is going to full with all things which renews after the spring. Not only for the nature, It's time to refresh our body. We wants to renovate our largest organ of the body because the skin makes attraction than  wardrobe. I'm sure to every women even men wish to have a pleasant skin. So I'm going to help to renovate your skin that you can be use in your bath time. This is my favorite honey and sugar scrub that can be makes as your own one in adding your favorite essential oils. 

1/2 cup loose sugar
3-4 tea spoons of olive oil
1-2 tea spoons of pure honey
4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil (my favorite is lavender)

Someone use loose salt to replace with sugar. If you don't like to olive oil because of that couldn't tolerate or any other reason, you can be use liquid glycerin as alternatively. Actually liquid glycerin better when your skin of face couldn't suites to oils. When you make your own product, you can also add lavender blossom, or chamomile, or your favorite dried herbs as a options of essential oils.

Mix ingredients well and store in an airtight container. Probably I use this with in few days or just after the making. you can be store it for a week and days. If you want a thinner product, you can be add more liquid ingredients. Stir thoroughly before use. Be careful to avoid irritating when rubbing the face, specially don't get to in the eye. Finely scrub elbow, knee, hands, feet. rinse off in warm water and pat dry using soft clothe. And then apply your moisturizing cream. 

The home made scrub remove dead cells and makes to absorb essences those help to breathe to your skin. That makes fresh and pleasant skin. It is easy and very cheap to make at home. And specially using the essential oil/herbs, that helps to release stresses. Please don't forget to share your ideas and experience about this scrub with us.


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